Conflict-free Minerals Statement

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Company’s procurement policy statement on conflict-free minerals


Guangzhou Hanma Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. understands that its production activities and the products it provides may have a certain impact on society and the environment. To shoulder the responsibility of corporate social responsibility, the company hereby promises:

1. 本公司所有交付的产品或零部件中所使用或包含的金属没有来自刚果(金)及其周边国家(定义见注1)以及这些国家内任何武装力量控制区的“冲突矿产”(定义见注2)。

1. The metals used or contained in all products or parts delivered by the company are not derived from Congo (Kinshasa) and its surrounding countries (as defined in Note 1) and “conflict minerals”in any armed forces controlled area in these countries (definition) See note 2).

2. 本公司将根据要求,如实填写并回复有关“冲突矿产”的调查及提供其他资料,并承诺所回复内容及所提供资料的真实性、准确性和完整性。

2. The company will fill in and respond to the investigation and provide other information about “conflict minerals”as required, and promise the authenticity, accuracy and completeness of the content and the information provided.

3. 本公司承诺将建立与相关法令(包含但不限于美国Dodd-Frank法案第1502条)、及相关机构(如OECD或EICC)所公布的指引相一致的完整冲突矿产政策、管理体系及调查框架,并以相同标准要求本公司供应商。

3. The Company undertakes to establish a complete conflict mineral policy, management system and investigation consistent with the relevant laws and regulations (including but not limited to Article 1502 of the US Dodd-Frank Act) and related guidelines (such as OECD or EICC). Framework and require the company’s suppliers to meet the same standards.


Note 1: The Congo (Kinshasa) and its surrounding countries include: (a) the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Republic of the Congo, the Republic of the Sudan, the Republic of South Sudan, the Republic of Uganda, the Republic of Rwanda, the Republic of Burundi, the United Republic of Tanzania, the Republic of Zambia, the Republic of Angola, The African Republic; (b) the future includes new countries (regions) and existing countries (regions) in some or all of the aforementioned countries.


Note 2: “Conflict minerals”include but are not limited to rare metals such as cassiterite, black tungsten, coltan and gold and their derivatives from Congo (Kinshasa) and its surrounding countries, as well as any armed forces controlled areas in these countries. In particular, gold (Au), tantalum (Ta), tin (Sn) and tungsten (W) metal materials. “The metals used or contained are not from Congo (Kin) and its neighboring countries and any armed forces controlled areas in these countries”, including metal mining, smelting, forming and other manufacturing processes that do not occur in Congo (Kinshasa) and its Neighboring countries, as well as any armed forces controlled areas in these countries.